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Child & Adolescent Therapy

Our Psychologists are able to provide therapy to children and adolescents who are experiencing a number of difficulties.

How we can help you

Our psychologists can help your children cope with change and issues through conversation. We are here to help them express themselves and work through any difficult topics. We can also support you in conversations with your children.

Some reasons a child or adolescent may benefit from seeing one of our experienced psychologists include but are not limited to:

  • Adjustment disorder & (e.g. following separation and divorce)
  • Anger management
  • Behavioural problems (e.g. ADHD/ADD/Conduct Disorder)
  • Anxiety (including separation anxiety & school refusal)
  • School-based issues (eg. social skills/academic stressors),
  • Emotional issues (cries / upsets easily, complains of a sore tummy
  • Self-esteem/confidence, sleep issues (night terrors/nightmares)
  • Management of depressive symptoms (including self-harm/suicidal ideation)
  • Eating disorders / (eg. anorexia/bulimia)
  • Supporting children with childhood disorders (eg ADHD/ Autism/Aspergers spectrum disorders, OCD)
  • Children under an NDIS plan or self-managed plan (see Other Referrals for more information)

These are just examples of some of the many issues that our psychologists are experienced in dealing with. Our Child Psychologists implement a range of child-friendly techniques which focus on each child’s area of need and may include: Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Social Skills Training, Attachment therapy & Parenting Skills.

At Mindspace Psychology, our aim is to support school-aged children to better manage their social and emotional issues and help reduce the likelihood of them engaging in risk-taking behaviours. Our Psychologists can work with both parents and schools, where considered appropriate, to respond to challenging issues and work towards supporting children to develop happy and healthy habits to better manage their challenges throughout childhood and adolescence.

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