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Psychological Assessments

Our Psychologists are experienced in providing comprehensive cognitive & psych-educational assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in a child’s cognitive abilities.

How we can help you

Psycho-educational Assessments are designed to answer questions about children and young people’s learning. It can diagnose learning disorders (reading and writing) also help explain why they may be struggling at school.

Here are some of the assessments we currently have on offer here at Mindspace.

Cognitive Assessments

Our cognitive assessments are recommended for children with no suspected specific learning disorder (i.e. dyslexia), but when more information is sought on their cognitive

Cognitive assessments

•  cognitive abilities known to be important for learning (e.g.,
verbal comprehension, working memory etc)

•  social-emotional-behavioural factors (e.g., attention difficulties, anxiety, etc).

ADHD Assessments

Mindspace Psychology are also able to provide Behavioural Assessment for a diagnosis of ADHD (and other behavioural disorders such as conduct disorder). This involves a comprehensive assessment of the child’s behaviour via observation and interview. Our ADHD assessments also include a cognitive assessment and ADHD assessment undertaken by the child’s parent and teacher.

This assessment is not a screener and is for a formal diagnosis.

Educational Assessments

Our educational assessments are designed to assess the academic  strengths and weaknesses of a student and are recommended for children where there is potential for a specific learning disorders  (i.e. dyslexia), giftedness, or complex learning/behaviour needs.

Our educational assessments are a cognitive assessment as well as a measure of potential giftedness (e.g. in areas of literacy & numeracy such as reading, writing, spelling, maths)

Here at Mindspace, we take a holisitic approach towards your child’s assessment. Once a diagnosis of any relevant learning, academic or behavioural concerns are confirmed, we don’t stop there. We provide comprehensive reports and feedback in simple language to help parents, educators and the person understand what the results reveal about them and how we can help you or your child with ongoing treatment and therapy. beyond diagnosis.


For more information on assessments please enquire with our friendly admin team or contact us here.

Did you know?

NDIS clients are able to access their funds towards the full cost of their assessment (pending approval and provided relevant funding is available).