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Online Therapy

Telehealth services are now available to all clients including private, Medicare and third-party clients (e.g. NDIS/Worksafe/TAC).

These services are offered via our secure platform and also via telephone, with all of our Psychologists.

How we can help you

Through our online therapy, our clients can access us from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Our clients can be reassured that all of our clinicians are qualified, and regularly receive ongoing professional support and development and engage in ongoing supervision and often have much more flexible appointments available!

Did you know…
Research has found that online therapy (including video and phone therapy) has been found to be just as effective as face to face therapy and can be suitable for many different reasons such as:

  • Staying home due to isolating from Covid-19
  • Living in non-metropolitan areas
  • Are parents of young children
  • Travel regularly
  • Work long hours or shift work
  • Are unable to find appropriate therapists in your local area
  • Unable to get to our clinic for a variety of reasons

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