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Psychologists in Beaconsfield

We are South-East Melbourne’s leading psychologists, treating all ages including adults, adolescents & children.

We offer psychological counselling & assessment services in Beaconsfield, VIC

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How we can help you

We offer a range of psychology services, including individual therapy for adults, children & adolescents, as well as Worksafe, TAC, NDIS and VOCAT referrals.

Adult Therapy

We’re able to provide therapy to adults who are experiencing a number of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, stress, or issues with anger, relationships, self-esteem, and addiction.

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Our Psychologists are also experienced in providing therapy to children and adolescents who are experiencing a number of difficulties in their school or home environments.

Psychological Assessments

Our Psychologists are experienced in providing comprehensive cognitive & psych-educational assessments to identify strengths and weaknesses in a child’s cognitive abilities. 

Here at Mindspace, we take a holistic approach.

Once a diagnosis of any relevant learning, academic or behavioural concerns are confirmed, we don’t stop there.

We provide comprehensive reports and feedback in simple language to help parents, educators and the person understand what the results reveal about them and how we can help you or your child with ongoing treatment and therapy beyond diagnosis.

For more information on these services please contact our friendly administration team.